Keto recipes at home

“People live to eat, I eat to live”.

A weight loss diet video made at home on popular demand. pls subscribe to my YouTube channel Anchor Himika to see the full video

A popular diet among celebrities is a keto diet that not only makes fun to lose weight but also makes food fun to eat. Every now and then we think about losing weight, so here I come up with a recipe that is simple to make at home in order to lose that weight.
Above all thank you for showing interest in my recipes.
In the film I show you my secret healthy recipe made at home.
Garlic chicken, fried spinach and cabbage and some roasted tomatoes to garnish. Ingredients are written in captions.
All you need is Garlic, butter, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, chicken, salt & pepper to taste and volla your dish is ready.
PS : I am no Dietician and have no certificate, I’m just sharing my experience in cooking that has also helped me shed a lot of weight in this journey

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