KETO ON A BUDGET | CARNIVORE DIET ON A BUDGET | Cheapest Cuts of Meat | How to buy meat on a budget

Some think that to eat keto or carnivore, it can be expensive because of the high quantities of meat, dairy, organic produce (if keto) and keto baking goods purchased; however, you don’t have to buy the premium cuts of meats or many of the special keto goods to meet your health and weight loss goals. And you don’t have to live on hamburger, butter and eggs to be successful with keto or the carnivore diet and stay within your budget.

In this video, I go over the cheapest cuts of meat you can buy and stay in ketosis or succeed on the carnivore diet. Whether you are eating beef, poultry, pork, fish, or organ meats, I give a list of keto approved meats you can buy to stay within your budget.

I share tips on saving money on the keto diet and carnivore diet. So if you are looking to save money this year on your grocery bill, continue watching to learn how to eat keto carnivore on a budget!

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  • I LOVE pork neck bones. A big package is only maybe $8. Season, coat in bacon grease, roast in 350° oven uncovered about 50 minutes then cover and cook another 20 minutes. And the leftover bones make great broth.

  • My God..meat is so much cheaper where you live! 😲 I can't believe the prices you say, it's insanely different! It's atleast ten times more expensive here. Liver, ground beef and farmed salmon on sale is all I can afford. I think that's good enough but it sure would be nice to eat a wider variety of meats and fish though.😊

  • Good morning sweet lady , I know we have talked before But I have to tell you This video Was excellent You hit that nail Right on the head , As you know I'm a retired butcher And Chef I also teach cooking But you really Presented Meats In a easy Way Of shopping I take my hat off to you Keep up the good work . Chef 🎅🥩🍳🥑🥓

  • I am blessed that I don't HAVE to watch my food budget but these are STILL the same meats I buy, high fat is perfect keto/carnivore diet. Lord I just hate steak, it could be a prime cut and I would pass it by or turn it into a roast.

  • Sprouts has a surprisingly consistent good meat discount sales.

  • I love meat deal shopping lol it's like a game finding great deals!