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  • Check out "thrill of hope" here on YouTube. She experienced alot of fatigue and tingling and ended in ER. Maybe this is also what is wrong with you. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Are you getting enough salt? I get headaches if I don't get enough salt. I drink 2-3 Tablespoons of sole water a day.

  • My dog shakes too…usually it's when my boyfriend is on a business trip. I just make sure to give him alot of cuddles.

  • Bo is a cutie. Singing sometimes calms my dogs. They do better when I take them more often

  • Do you think maybe the jerky is causing your headaches?

  • I had no idea you have hashimotos! I was diagnosed with it in February and have really been trying to focus on the symptoms of it lately!

  • Are u still taking that b12 supplement everyday like u were doing before? If not, that could be why ur getting migraines now. As women, often our body doesn't get proper B vitamins just from food. I notice if i don't take B complex, or B6/B12 i too suffer from migraines myself, especially if I'm near my menstrual cycle. Doing keto is great, it definitely has it's benefits, but as females our body still needs certain vitamins/minerals to balance out our hormones. Eating nutritional yeast helps as well because it's loaded with B vitamins we need. Dr. Berg is always talking about the benefits of nutritional yeast lol, it doesn't taste the best but it does help tho, i just sprinkle it on my veggies. Get proper sleep, drink water, get electrolytes/salt, & B vitamins, those things should help. Also if u don't wanna use pain killers for the migraines get essential oils like peppermint, rub a few drops on ur forehead & neck, it numbs the pain. Using a ice pack helps as well.

  • The reason for your headache might be low salt!!! yes salt!! read The salt fix . the DR who wrote it does ketos . Or watch him on his utub channel .

  • I believe your drinking too much water and its ridding your body of the minerals it needs…only drink when your thirsty……
    I also think you should talk to the vet about Bo trembling all the time. I was watching some of your videos from a year ago and he was trembling then too poor doggie. Lovin your videos, newly subbed and belled!!

  • I notice you weight a lot of your food. Do you track? What app do you use or do you just keep mental notes? Omg that cheese!!! Gotta try it. And yep I need to drink more water too!!! What’s your favorite flavor L-carnitine?

  • Lots of water supplies lack minerals… So in addition to the water.. make sure even when not exercising you replenish your electrolytes… Ketogenic living and the constant excretion of water intake also constantly dumps out your minerals… *So hit the potassium sodium and magnesium intake levels daily which are more than people think… to wipe out the horrific headaches .. you will really see a difference. Most everyone on keto and Carnivore def will test short on electrolytes… Dr Berg electrolytes and keto vitals have a great one w the higher doses… Also those of us who suffers w hasi…need the sea kelp to help rid the body of the chronic tired feels… Plus it helps clean your liver so that your liver and your thyroid work better and also so you absorb more of the electrolytes so start getting the electrolytes in every bottle of water no just squirtscount the dosages…Vegasports hydrator is a good one zipfizz is really good and delicious just put one tube in *every bottle (in bulk at Costco) and the sea kelp!!!! (Vitiman shoppe..) Also these four sources do not contain funky sugars…🥰😘🥰😘 These 2 tips in itself has been a game changer for me being hasi… And cancer remission.. I see you going through some relatable things…keep the energy up w the Iodine naturally boost the thyroid and cleans the liver and yes you can find it in food but for hitting the numbers that you need it's fine to supplement. I've had to almost eliminate dairy however I do find it if I take digestive enzymes w Ox bile (the 365 brand from Whole Food is a great one )and inexpensive I can have dairy without gains stalls or gut pain or bloat…that you speak of in many of your videos…… So anyway I don't do keto for weight loss but like you… I try to find an optimal Middle Ground where I can feel great… So maybe you could do some research on these that I've mentioned and incorporate them for 30 days and see how much better you feel for me..after 21 years keto I was beginning to say this is just the way it is but when I made those small changes it's been a game changer! 1. Drink electrolytes daily not just more water and not just an occasional ketorade…2. Take sea kelp for iodine.. and digestive enzymes in the form of ox bile if you would like to keep dairy in your keto diet and not suffer for it. But definitely start drinking zipfizz or such multiple times a day and you will not get the migraines. 😘🥰😘😘 Did u ever get the food allergy mail in test…. That be an awesome video update or series to show people how to get the test. Take it. Mail in in and how easy it is to then take out those item that showed the greatest inflammatory markers…. I thought I heard you mention in one of your videos that you were going to do one was just wondering if you did and if you were working on the video anyway happy almost Friday!!!! Much love😘🥰😘

  • Im sure you dont need more advice so i will just tell you my experience. I was plagued with migraines and after giving up dairy i have never had another. Everyone is different but its worth considering. I can now tolerate some cream in my decaf. Feel better and i wish you the best!

  • You are low on electrolytes get more potassium and magnesium and salt your food with pink salt. The water is not helping bc it’s flushing the electrolytes even more. Hope you feel better girl

  • Haven't watched this yet, sorry!!! Have been plagued by migraines all my LONG life, also my brothers. YOU need to figure out your migraine trigger(s). One of my brothers trigger is ANY kind of artificial sweetener. Instant trigger. My triggers are orange and turkey. Took both of us a long time to figure it out. YOU need to write down everything that goes into your body and write it down. Then figure out when the migraines come. NO ONE ELSE will do this for you. NO DOCTOR will be able to figure this out. No one who has NOT had a migraine knows how AWFUL they are. Believe me, I DO!!! Good luck to you. I will be back to watch this.

  • Katherine, I think it is your vitiams that is doing that to you..I was taking vitiams once a day, my dr told me that I was taking to much, like I was taking vitiam D and It was to much cuz if I dont need it I shouldnt take it. I was making my body out of whack..

  • Queso de freir is amazing !!!!!! I’m addicted so bad I just finished a block. I was excited when I found out I can have it on Keto because I’ve always ate it

  • search cream of tatar, put a pinch under your tongue, then think quarter of a tea. in a glass of water, they say it gets rid of headaches

  • Ur method of keto is bad and all of the coffee u drink Is bad for you