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Keto Cream Chicken / Chicken in white gravy

Welcome to another session of Keto Twist .
Today we will be making the delicious Cream Chicken without all those carbs.

To begin :

Main ingredient :

6 Chicken Drumsticks

For Marinade :
2 tbsp of Greek Yogurt
1/2 tsp of Salt
1 tbsp of Ginger Garlic paste

For Gravy:

1 Large puréed Onion( peel the onion , cut in to pieces and grind )
2 Green Chillies
150 gms of fresh Cream
1 tsp of Black Pepper
Butter for frying

This recipe is high on proteins and has very less carbs . Butter and cream adds good amount of fats in your dish.

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Hope You Enjoy 😊

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