Ketogenic Diet Recipes: 50 Delicious, healthy low carb ketogenic recipes, snacks and desserts for weight loss (Amazing Dinner recipes and Tips on how to Avoid Diet Mistakes Book 1)


Eat Healthier, live disease free and loose Weight With The Ketogenic Diet Recipes In This Book!

What if you were able to eat ketogenic recipes that made you feel satisfied and full, but still helped you lose weight? What if you knew how the ketogenic diet worked so that you could tailor your diet to your specific needs?

In this book, you’ll find:

  • Information about how the ketogenic diet works, so you understand exactly what your body is going through.
  • Tips and techniques the professionals use in order to lose weight quicker and safer on the ketogenic diet.
  • How to calculate your macros for your age, size, gender, and body type to tailor your macronutrient intake to your specific needs.
  • Apps that will help you keep track of your macros and make the ketogenic diet much easier for those who are on a tight schedule.
  • The importance of micronutrients.
  • Tips to help you be successful on the ketogenic diet.
  • Why the ketogenic diet is right for you.
  • Fifty delicious recipes to get you started on the fast track to weight loss and better health!

Buy this book now to learn how the ketogenic diet will work for you and secrets on how you can lose weight quicker and keep it off!

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