Healthy Cookbook for Kids: High Protein Packed Recipes


Kids need about 10 to 30 percent of their total daily calories to be made up of protein. Did you know that the body doesn’t store excess protein, and unused proteins get used for energy or stored as fat? Fortunately, if they’re eating a proper diet, most kids shouldn’t have to worry about that – a healthy growing child should be getting plenty of exercise and their body will immediately use proteins to build itself up strong as the child ages from childhood into adolescent.

We are well aware that children can be picky eaters. If you gave them an option between chocolate cake and broccoli they would eat themselves into a deep chocolate hibernation. Obviously, that won’t do, but if you follow some of the high protein recipes in this book, your kids will be nagging you more than ever to continue cooking these amazing protein-packed super meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take it as a compliment – you’re a great chef! And there’s nothing like a chocolate banana smoothie which is like healthy liquid cake!

These recipes are mostly fast and easy to make. There’s a ton of healthy recipes with a couple of just-for-fun (like summer backyard parties) snacks included. Remember to always use the highest quality ingredients you can find – whenever it’s called for, the recipe will include the healthiest option for a particular ingredient. And we encourage getting your children involved in the cooking process, they’ll love it and feel so great for making something themselves and then devouring it!


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