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Healthy Grilled Chicken with Brown Sauce is a healthy chicken recipe as the name suggests. Grilled Chicken with Brown Sauce is cooked in a French style but in a healthy way. French cooking requires a lot of butter but this chicken recipe being a healthy one, we have used direct heat and a steaming technique to cook the chicken without the use of any fat. Brown sauce is also fat-free which has been prepared using the same pan by deglazing it with water. The use of butter is optional as some people consider butter as a healthy fat but it is totally up to the maker of this recipe to add butter to the sauce or not.

This easy and healthy grilled chicken recipe is perfect for gym going people and people looking for healthy alternatives which are easy to cook. All you need is chicken, salt, pepper, butter(optional), water, flour and Worcestershire sauce. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, sear in a pan, cover and cook. Deglaze the same pan with water, add flour, salt, pepper, butter and Worcestershire. Mix well, strain and serve hot with the grilled chicken. Brown sauce can also be made without the butter but a tsp of butter is essential for people lifting weights as butter is considered to be a healthy fat type by many known nutritionists.

Do try this easy grilled chicken recipe and let us know in the comments below how you like it and what would you like to see next.

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