Turkish Butter Cookies – Nightingale’s Nest Dessert Recipe

Nightingale’s Nest dessert is English for Bülbülyuvasi in Turkish. Very delicious moist butter cookies recipe. Can be made with phyllo dough or home made dough. Here, we prepared the dough at home, to make it easier for our foreigner followers to make it at their homes. So this is a bit different from the original Turkish Nightingale’s Nest dessert. This is very similar with söbiyet and baklava. Among most important ottoman desserts made with phyllo pastry and pistachios. To make the dessert a bit different, we also used walnuts and hazelnuts. You can also use almonds if you wish.
Directions: Transfer melted unsalted butter into a large bowl Add vegetable oil Add yogurt and an egg Add powdered sugar Add sifted flour and baking powder The dough will be soft and unsticky Divide in equal pieces and start rolling Cut out circles of about 2.5 inches in diameter (bunu ekle yuvarlakların kesildiği yere) Place half on the baking tray For the rest, use a smaller circle to cut out the middle Brush egg white on top Place a circle on each piece Brush egg yolk on top Decorate with desired nuts Bake for around 25 minutes or until golden brown on 180 C (360 F) For the syrup, transfer water into a large pot over medium heat Add sugar When starts boiling, add lemon juice and turn the heat off When both the pastry and syrup is warmed down, pour the syrup on the pastry Before you serve, wait at least an hour for pastry to soak up the syrup! Bon Appetit!
List of ingredients:
For the pastry dough:
250g (2 sticks) unsalted butter
½ cup vegetable oil
2 tbs yogurt
3 tbs powdered sugar
1 tbs baking powder
1 egg
5 cup flour
For the syrup:
4 cups granulated sugar
3 ½ cups water
3 tbs lemon juice
For the top:
1 egg
Walnuts, pistachio and hazelnuts

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