Singapore’s Desserts and Cakes – Lemon Meringue Tart Recipe [Cook Halal]

The best Halal company that bakes cakes and desserts including cupcakes, meringue and sweet-pies called “Sherramelts”.

No matter how hard we try to deny the pull of all things sweet, we always revert back to that one bite which ends up being every dessert in the vicinity! Cupcakes, meringue, cake, sweet-pies and chocolate infused desserts are loved by all people in general. But some of the more popular desserts of late is available here in Singapore.

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The dessert scene has seen a surge of late and some of the most famous desserts among them are the varieties of ice-creams, different flavoured cakes (toffee, chocolate infused with Earl Grey, etc), frozen yogurt, sweet tarts, pies and much more. Today, we are introducing a company that bakes cake and dessert with the added benefits of being halal, called “Sherramelts.” Here, we can observe a variety of Singapore’s favourite desserts and wedding cakes!

We interviewed Ms. Sherry Nasir – the lady behind Sherramelts. At only 23, she owns her own online baking company, proving herself to be a young and budding entrepreneur. Sherramelts is an entity that she’s always had and held close to her heart. In her younger days, she used to bake as a form of hobby for her family and friends.

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