Lazy Man’s Bread Pudding Recipe – Quick & Easy Dessert Recipe

A delicious bread pudding with just 2 ingredients, so you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more on the couch! Recipe: Subscribe:

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I’m a home cook that likes to step out the the kitchen and travel to different cities, eat the streets, meet fellow foodies, and bring those new flavors back home. I have traveled the world, cooked at wine & food fests, and cooked on live TV, all to prove that you don’t have to be a chef to cook like one, all you need is a hunger for new flavors. My recipes are simple and quick, I look forward to sharing them with you on my channel!

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  • House of Cards <3
    This recipe looks amazing and I can't wait to try it. I am also sick of paying $8+ for breadpudding at a restaurant. it's like a crap shoot. There's no telling how they're making it or what the end product is going to be like.

  • o.m.g. we made this last night and it was divine. soo yummy thanks and keep 'em coming
    i have subscribed and a huge fan

  • How clever & cool!! I really want to try this but I'm scared for some reason. Seems like too much dairy…I guess that's what adjustments are for. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Love this! Also, do you use the camera in the oven to get you putting dishes in, then take it out? I was just thinkin' y'all are really knowledgeable in filmin' your vids!

  • Noshy! Melted ice cream? Your on your way to a sour milk up chuck. And who is Jackson Pollard? O well. Google!

  • Awesome. I just noticed this for the first time.

    I've got some similar ingredients to this. I like to drink warm egg nog, so I always freeze a couple liters in individual cup sized containers and microwave and drink it or have it with my coffee. I can use the frozen eggnog instead of icecream. I have lots of chocolate, and I have a whole loaf of frozen Greek Christmas eggbread.

    Not much into raisins, but I can replace if with candied ginger (which I keep around as a snack) and soak it in some rose water. I may add some cardamom and nutmeg to this since I'm using the Greek eggbread and eggnog.

    Awesome recipe! A nice little taste of winter holidays in the end of February!

  • The camera was great. I loved the shot from the fridge.

  • This was a great learning experience!

  • Agreed, really nice video & recipe

  • Good stuff Bobby, great to see you making flicks again