Dessert Recipes – How to Make Banana Pudding

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In this video, you’ll see how to make easy no-bake banana pudding. You’ll make the rich and creamy pudding on the stovetop and then layer it with slices of bananas and vanilla wafers. It couldn’t be easier!

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  • Thanks for your question, Angel Rogers. For this pudding you use the whole egg. Here's a link to the original recipe so you may review all the ingredients:

  • Are you suppose to use just the egg yokes for this banana pudding or do use both the egg white and the yokes because you do not say that in your video.


  • Is it a all purpose flour?

  • I was thinking the same.  I am no expert, but how…I mean, isn't banana pudding supposed to have more emphasis on bananas?  Not that this recipe is bad.  I'd make it.  And I'm sure it is delicious.  But it's like, vanilla pudding garnished with bananas.

  • *vanilla pudding with bananas on top

  • will it work if i mashed the banana and stir it when cooling down the custard? i feel like this could be a perfect dessert for my 1 y/o nephew <3

  • I am from the South born and raised.and I would definitely try this recipe, I like to experience things that are different not the same. PLUS it looks like is not as fattening as the original recipe.

  • I like this channel but all I see is people bashing the recipes that are made. Look like some of you that are complaining so much start your own channel and see how it feels for someone to bash your recipes constantly. People cook differently and put their own spin on recipes….that is the art of cooking! #JUSTSAYINGFOLKS  

  • I would blend in the bananas.

  • I'm southern and this is a disgrace 

  • Oh My God. They just butchered my ALL TIME FAVORITE DESSERT. I cry whenever I taste FAKE Banana Pudding. Many people make this dessert differently. This way is not authentic. I am from NY, but my mother side of the family is from the South. I personally, do not like how southerners cook. I currently live in Tennessee, the food here sucks, no offense. It is missing something. 

    First, it's technically not a pudding but a custard. So, by making this dessert with regular fake box vanilla pudding is NOT the correct way to get authentic banana pudding and it will taste completely different. Secondly, the dessert is supposed to be baked, which brings all the flavors together. 

    There are approximately four steps to make authentic banana pudding.
    1) The custard is supposed to be cooked in a double boiler and stirred until it has a similar consistency to gravy. Do not let it thicken too much because the baking process will do that. The consistency in this video is a bit too thick.
    2) In a separate bowl, whip together sugar and egg white until it's foamy. This is to poured over the dessert once it's panned and baked.
    3) Once the custard is ready, the bananas sliced, etc layer the wafers, pudding/custard, and bananas in a pan. make sure to start and end with the custard. Then pour the whipped eggs over this. Once cooked, this will create a fluffy marshmallow like layer.
    4) Bake until golden. Remove the dessert from the oven and let it settle.

    Note: I usually skip the egg white part because I do not like it. I also do not like the bananas themselves, just the flavor they give, so I usually only put a few bananas in it.
    The custard do not have to be prepared the day before. Some of the wafers manufacturers used to provide the AUTHENTIC recipe on the side of the wafer box, but they do not any more.