Ziangs: REAL Chinese Takeaway Chicken Ball recipe

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Quick sweet & sour sauce: https://youtu.be/EBlVhehKHbs
Takeaway sweet & sour sauce: https://youtu.be/bl72YusTGsY

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  • OMG this channel is great fun and you two work brilliantly together! Stumbled across you when searching on how to cook fried rice following a new year visit to my local asian supermarket. The sort of visit where I don't know what 90% of the stock is so just stick with noodles, some spices and curry paste! Think I'll be paying another visit to them shortly.

    On your website have you thought of doing a starter box of ingredients to cook a few of the most popular dishes and/or an easy way of selecting a dish/recipe and have the ingredients added to your basket?

    I wouldn't be surprised if you're snapped up by some tv producers as I think we need some new faces on tv cookery shows and I can easily see you guys having a series. Don't give up youtube though we need you here as well 😉

  • I just tried this, it was a disaster, I made what can only be called 'floating rock's.
    I know where I went wrong, I should have jumped in the car and driove to KFC instead of attempting this.
    Let me explain how to make floating rocks.
    1. Make sure the batter is really thick.
    2. When putting the flour on the chicken don't put them in hot oil but pile them up on each other on a plate so they all stick together into a massive clump.
    3. Decide to heat up the oil after making the clump of chicken balls (slurry).

    When being fried in the oil they had so much batter they refused to flip over, they appeared to have there own gravity.

    They were edible after all of this (with a steak knife) 😉

  • just seen few of your videos…you and your mum are good together so funny ,,top tips..great videos

  • Oh wow they look AMAZING !!! Thanks guys you're amazing. Good luck with ya hand dude. Xx

  • Show us how to make spring rolls and shrimp fried rice please

  • That's not the right way to cook that dish!

  • Thanks again, wishing you well with the operation on your hand, all the best

  • These
    look fantastic..I find them awful difficult to make but you make it look so easy..Keep up the good work guys..Guys are an inspiration definitely has helped me..Look forward to your next video..Love your mum btw

  • Love this channel just subscribed I have made these before but did not like the taste but will get some green dragon flour and Try again good luck with the hand hope all goes well

  • Me and the family have a chinese at least twice a month, so did this last night together with Egg Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Sauce. Family loved it, Chicken balls actually taste better than my local Chinese and the egg fried rice we can't tell the difference. This is why I joined the Patreon program, because the money you saved me, I might as well contribute some of it to you for giving up this knowledge. Saying that, after spending 20 minutes preparing and cooking it all, makes you appreciate how much hard work goes into running a chinese shop to keep the orders rolling out with 100's of dishes to choose from.

  • Any plans for a sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style video?

  • Fantastic. Can't wait to make this. The dishes you make differ a bit from whats made here in the states, but a lot of it's relative. Love to see a General Tso's recipe.

  • Yes! Can’t wait to try these out! Another cracking video guys, singing and all 😂 Good luck with the hand op, and wishing you a speedy recovery! 💪💪💪

  • Show us how to do fried dumplings!

  • I never comment on you tube , but I 100% love your channel , you guys are amazing .

  • See your store doesn't ship to usa…. understandable…. imagine 10 bags of white powder going through u.s customs 😂🤣🤔😑

  • Living in usa and shop at chinese wholesale markets, never seen green dragon brand… could refining/sieving other brands work ???? Ever tried that?

    You sell it but think airmail rates make it prohibitively expensive….. thoughts?

  • thank you guys so much for this thinkam going to do my batter a lot thicker would you by any chance double dip or pre heat the the chicken if you fancy bigger balls ? cheers x

  • Crispy salt and pepper chicken please