Chicken Roll Recipe—Calcutta Kathi Roll with Kabab Filling & Paratha—Durga Pujo Special—ASMR Cooking

The Chicken Kathi Roll was born in Calcutta. Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in spices are cooked over charcoal, and served with sliced onions, lime, and green chillies—all wrapped in a flaky, mildly sweet porota (paratha). It is really simple! So, every component has to be perfected for it to really stand out.

In this recipe we show you the best way to make a dough for the “kathi” roll that yields a flaky yet soft paratha for the roll wrapper. We also make the chicken kababs from scratch. And because we make the kababs in the oven and not over charcoal, we have used the “dhungar” method to infuse smokiness.

Once you get the kabab and the porota right, you can play around with the filling according to your taste. We are pan-frying the kababs with onions and capsicum the way Hot Kathi Roll on Park Street does—but you can also serve the kababs with just sliced raw onions and chillies. Some people like a squeeze of tomato ketchup and green chilli sauce (another speciality that came out of the Calcutta Chinatown) on their roll, while some find the idea abhorrent!

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