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This Chicken 65 recipe in tamil is one of the best varuval and fried chicken recipes. This Chicken 65, varuval, chicken fry, roast or chukka is a dry non-veg starter recipe and taste is in line with restaurant style. Chicken 65 taste is similar to chicken chukka is one of the must have in all south indian non-veg cuisine. In this chicken masala video, in tamil, we gonna see how to make chicken 65. Chicken 65 is popular in south indian cuisines. Chicken 65 completes with chinese and italian food. This master class food attacts in every indian cuisine and a perfect side dish for every food that we serve. This chicken fry recipe requires garlic, onion, spices and egg and easy to make fast enough. Fish 65, prawn 65, cauliflower 65 are some fried recipes very popular as starters. We can garnish with onion and lemon to get mouth watering taste like restaurant style chicken recipes.

This tasty chicken fry is perfect side dish for biryani. This chicken 65 is like gobi 65 or cauliflower 65 or gobi fry dish or cauliflower fry.

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