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Ingredients :
1)4 Whole eggs
2)1 cup Button Mushrooms
3)1 cup Oyster Mushrooms
4)1 whole Onion
5)2 cloves garlic
6)Thyme/Oregano/Italian Seasoning
10)Cheese (2 sq. inch cube)

Latest in the BeerBiceps egg recipes playlist is an ode to the classic combination of eggs, mushrooms & cheese. This is one of the ultimate omelette recipes. I generally put up Indian style cooking on my channel but when egg recipes indian style get boring – Italian style cooking is my go to. This stuffed mushroom omelette recipe combines the powers of its ingredients to give you one knockout (but easy) egg recipe. Mushroom & Cheese Omelettes have never been this awesome. What makes this particular egg & mushroom recipe awesome is that it is great for breakfast and for putting on weight (if that’s your goal. healthy weight of course).

I bring you one of the best breakfast recipes out there. Breakfast will never be the same thanks to my easy stuffed mushroom & cheese omelette. Enjoy guys!

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