How to Make Homemade Din Tai Fung Style Cucumber Appetizer Recipe (2021)

Hello everyone! This is Ann from Ann’s Home Cuisine. I’m sharing home-style cooking from the traditional way to the modern way by using Instant Pot or Air Fryer or other appliances. I also love to bake and would love to share the recipe as simple as possible.

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Have you tried the Din Tai Fung Spicy Cucumber Salad and wondered if you can get the same taste by making it at home? With this recipe, you can get the same taste of refreshing spicy cucumber salad just like you can get from the Din Tai Fung. It is super easy to make and hope you get to try it when you crave the spicy cucumber salad from the Din Tai Fung.

✿ Ingredients:
2 English Cucumber –
1 tsp Salt –

3 tsp Rice Vinegar –
2 tsp Sesame Oil –
1 tsp Soy Sauce –
1 tsp Salt –
3 tsp Sugar –
Chili Pepper Flakes –
Chili Oil (La-Yu) –

✿ Steps:

Note: Servings of my recipes are typically 5-6 family members.

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