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Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite appetizers is Egg Salad on Cucumber.

It’s so fresh, healthy and delicious. You can enjoy a mixture of veggie as well as the good source of protein from egg.
And to make it is very very simple.

You will just need:
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Half of Bell Pepper (any color you like)
Lime (1 wedge)
Carrot (just a little bit to make it look more delicious)
2 Cucumber
Salt & Pepper

And How to make it:
Peel the egg and chop
Finely chop bell pepper, carrot
Put chopped egg, bell pepper & carrot in a large bolw
Add Salt & Pepper
Squeeze lime juice
And mix them all together
For cucumber, cut in 2 pieces equally
Remove the seed
Then fill with our mixture

You will end up with a fresh and healthy appetizer.

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